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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Giveaway #1: Splash of Our Worlds

Remember that i told you to vote for the next giveaway you want? Well after counting the votes, i decided i wanted to please everyone. So not only i will do all the giveaways on the poll (by the most voted to the lowest) but i will also add some of my own, that were mentioned in the comments or just came in my mind. Now is everyone happy? :D

Giveaway Series:
#1 Book up to 10 USD at BookDepository
#2 I create a list of books and you choose
#3 A pre-order book
#4 One book giveaway (i choose the book)
#5 GiveAway with re-create cover contest
#6 A DVD Movie Giveaway (i pick the movie/s)
#7 Short Story Contest Giveaway
#8 Second hand book/books

Now some people mentioned swaps. Now, i wish i could do that. I don't know where to get or what to get. Also if you have any other cool idea (which not make me poor though :P) feel free to post it in the comments. Most of them (if not all) are International.

Giveaway Series #1
Prize: Book Up To 10 USD at BookDepository
-You MUST be a follower (old or new).
-Deadline: Feb.20th, 2011
-Open International (where Book Depository delivers)
-Extra entries available in the form
-1 Winner
-Winner will be picked by random.org

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